Alfalfa Line Up 

Grand Slam - Grand Slam is a multi-foliate type alfalfa, combining desired plant attributes for adaptation across traditional western non-dormant zones. GRAND SLAM combines exceptional yield and great forage quality potential along with exceptional stand persistence. GRAND SLAM is an excellent choice for forage productions in the non-dormant regions of the U.S. Good multi leaf expression, dark green color, and fast recovery after cutting, given this variety excellent visual impact. Standability extended through mid-bloom, consistent forage quality, non-GMO alfalfa, reduced lodging, reduced field and harvest losses, 10% faster growth, extra 4-5" growth in the first 21 days, bigger 2nd, 3rd, and 4th crops. Standibility protects quality if harvest is delayed. 

Gold Rush 747 - Disease package inoculated with nitrogen gold. Dark green with exceptional plant health and winter hardiness, greater persistence fast recovery time resists phytopthora, verticillium wilt, bacterial wilt, anthrancnose and fusarium wilt, moderate resistance to leafhopper yellowing. 

Husky Supreme - Extremely winter hardy inoculated with nitrogen gold, higher yields than vernal in trials, rapid regrowth after cutting, winter hardy persisting in zones 1-6 more dormant than Saranac. 13% more TDN than vernal, resistant to mulitple pests, dark green, resistant to leafhopper yellowing.

Vernal - Available inoculated with nitrogen gold or not inoculated. Vernal has been the standard of the industry for many years. It exhibits good winter hardiness, has moderate regrowth after cutting, is fine stemmed and has dark green leaves. Vernal is used mostly for hay production in medium rotation applications. Vernal was developed by the University of Wisonsin and released in 1953.

SD Common - well suited to the South Dakota growing environment and surrounding areas. 

Teton - grazing type alfalfa excellent when mixed with grasses.

Travois - grazing type alfalfa excellent with mixed grasses.