Cover Crop Blends 

Hy-Gain Grazer

  • EQIP program approved
  • Contains a wide variety of 7 different annuals for a great pasture all summer long.
  • Excellent weed suppression and soil building
  • HyGain has a fast stand establishment
  • Optimum planting time when soil reaches 55 degrees +
  • Can begin grazing when crop is about 12-18” tall
  • Remove livestock for regrowth when reduced to 5-6” tall
  • Long window for planting and usage
  • Excellent animal performance will be realized
  • Minimal input costs. Crop will respond to adequate fertility
  • Recommended planting rate drilled is 10-15 lb per acre. When broadcast this blend should be planted at 15 lbs per acre


HyGain Grazer is a combination of: Purple Top Turnips, Radish, Millet, Sorghum Sudangrass , Rape Seed, Annual Ryegrass, Crimson Clover, Common Vetch

Beef Builder - Fall Grazing Blend

  • EQIP program approved
  • A special 7 way blend formulated to do everything you need for a late cover crop and grazing option.
  • Great soil compaction breaker
  • Builds organic matter and nitrogen
  • Excellent palatability
  • Quick establishment and growth with adequate rain
  • Perfect for later planted acres
  • Built to pasture AFTER A KILLING FROST to reduce nitrates
  • All components should winter kill in a normal winter
  • Plant when you still have 45 days of growth potential
  • Recommended planting rate of 10-15 lbs per acre


Beef Builder is a combination of:

Purple Top Turnips, Radish, Rape, Lentils, Forage Sorghum, Common Vetch, and Kale

Eco-Graze Plus

  • EQIP program approved 
  • Economical, new and improved 5-way mixture
  • Will provide fast growth and ground cover
  • Good for grazing and holding soil through the winter
  • Good weed suppression
  • Should winter kill with normal winter conditions
  • Plant 10-12 lbs per acre
  • Radish, Turnips, Rape, Common Vetch, and Lentils

  • Eco-Graze Plus is a combination of: Radish, Turnips, Rape, Common Vetch, and Lentils

Nitro Maxx (N-Builder)

  • EQIP program approved
  • Contains a wide variety of 9 different annuals for a great pasture all summer long.
  • N Fixation
  • Nutrient recycling
  • Compaction breaking
  • High organic matter development
  • Plant by September 15
  • Seed 20-30 lbs per acre

  • Nitro Maxx is a combination of: Radish, Rape, Common Vetch, Lentils, Cow Peas, Sunn Hemp, Oats, Barley, and Annual Ryegrass


Salt Shaker

  1. EQIP program approved

  2. Breaks down saline soils
  3. Biomass producer
  4. Weed Suppression
  5. Quick to establish
  6. Grazing potential
  7. Economical
  8. Plant by September 15
  9. Seed 20-30 lbs per acre
  10. NOTE: Add cereal rye to give overwintering capabilities

    Salt Shaker is a combination of:  Rapeseed, Barley, and Sugar Beets

Arctic Fox

  1. EQIP program approved
  2. Over wintering blend
  3. Nitrogen builder and compaction breaker
  4. Weed suppression and organic matter development
  5. Plant 50-60 lbs per acre
  6. Plant by October 1

    Arctic Fox is a combination of:  Cereal Rye, Hairy Vetch, and Radish

Custom Cover Crop Blends

  1. Have us custom mix the varieties you want
  2. Focus on grazing, soil building or weed suppression
  3. Agronomist assistance building your custom mix
  4. Fertility and Soil Health Specialist on staff

    Current cover crop species available. Inventory updated frequently:



    Clover - Crimson

    Corn - Non-GMO

    Cow Peas

    Ethiopian Cabbage

    Faba Beans

    Forage Sorghum




    Peas, Austrian Winter


    Rape - Dwarf Essex

    Ryegrass - Annual

    Sorghum Sudangrass

    Sugar Beets


    Sunn Hemp

    Turnip - Purple Top

    Vetch - Common

    Vetch - Hairy

    Winter Rye

    Custom order