Ultra Green Floor Sweep

        Dakota's Best Seed has been manufacturing and using their original sweeping compound, Ultra Green Floor Sweep, for many years.  Our customers kept asking, “How do you keep your warehouse floors so clean?” After many years of hearing this, we thought it was time to let this secret out of the bag, and on to the dirty dusty floors that been asking for this kind of treatment for a long time.

        Our homegrown sweeping compound is 100% all natural. Lowell Den Besten, the founder of this remarkable product, says it the best, "It is so natural you can eat this compound".

        After a couple applications of this product, your floors will begin to get a nice freshly-waxed look to them. They will develop the natural polished shine.

        This product allows you to get that pesky dust off the floor that your broom may miss, easier and quicker. It also decreases the amount of dust in the air while you sweep.

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