Food Plot Seed

Game Builder Elite

Game Builder Elite is the crop to plant that will ensure a very palatable, quality feed for wildlife.



  • Highest quality of white sorghums to provide the best quality feed & cover available for your food plot needs
  • Average plant height of 38” to 55”
  • Good stand-ability
  • Perfect height for hunting
  • Grain maturity is approximately 100 Days
  • Full white head when mature


Plant Game Builder Elite in a square or rectangular shape near water and secure winter cover such as dense grass, brush lands or timber for the best possible world for your upland game birds. Game Builder Elite is the cover of your choice for wildlife and the feed they will love!



  • Excellent vigor
  • Very good white grain yield
  • Heavy stem
  • Very good canopy cover
  • Good drought tolerance

Rooster Booster

  • Developed specifically for game birds
  • Repels sparrows and blackbirds during growth
  • Strong stalk and head

    Rooster Booster is specifically developed to accommodate upland birds (quail, turkey, pheasant, and prairie chickens) and migratory birds (ducks, geese, and doves).  The grain offers a good fall and winter food source, as well as a good covered habitat.  Rooster Booster is an early maturity grain sorghum that blooms about 45-50 days after planting.  Rooster booster is a heavy grain producer. Unlike the conventional grain hybrids, Rooster Booster grain sorghum imparts a bitter taste to predatory birds (sparrows, blackbirds, starling, etc.) during milk and dough stages of grain development.  The bitter taste disappears with maturity.  When mature, this grain sorghum is very palatable to wild game birds during the fall and winter months.  The red-brown pericarp outer layer of the seed serves as a mold and rotting repellant during long exposure to cold and wet winter condition.  The crop residue provides an excellent cover for birds while proving non-weathering food source as well.



  • Not recommended for grazing
  • Plant after soil reaches 60+ degrees
  • Plant around 1” deep
  • Plant in rows or broadcast


  • Very palatable when mature
  • Good seedling vigor
  • Average plant height is about 36-40”
  • Usually planted between June 10 and July 10
  • Head matures in about 90-95 days
  • Average seeds per pound is 19,000

    Planting Rate

Planted in rows

  • 4-8 pounds per acre dry land
  • 7-10 pounds per acre irrigated


  • 4-10 pounds per acre dry land
  • 8-20 pounds per acre irrigated

Limit Out Red or White Grain Sorghum 

Developed as an excellent fall through winter food source for upland game birds, migratory birds, and deer.


Quail, turkey, pheasants, prairie chickens, ducks, geese and doves love this grain sorghum. Limit Out Sorghum wards off predatory birds such as sparrows, blackbirds and starlings, etc., during the milk and dough stages of development due to its bitter taste. The bitter taste disappears at maturity after predatory birds have established their feeding places.  Limit out sorghum has an excellent palatability.


Limit Out Sorghum has very low moisture requirements and excellent early seedling vigor, growing upright and producing medium to large heads.


Limit Out Sorghum is mold and decay resistant during winter weather exposure. It provides a non-weathering food source for development and preservation of upland and migratory bird brood stock. Deer love to graze on it after matures. It is an excellent food and shelter for a variety of wildlife.


Its shorter stature makes Limit Out Sorghum a great choice for urban and rural gardens where it can lure seed-eating birds.



  • Economical
  • Drought resistant
  • Good Cover
  • Red or white grain
  • Good stand-ability
  • Average height is 36”

Drill or broadcast

  • 4-5 pounds per acre dry-land
  • 6-8 pounds per acre irrigated