Forage Blends

Dairy Queen Winter Forage Blend

Our custom blend of rye, winter peas, and hairy vetch will provide a very high yielding, excellent quality forage. Plant beginning in September and graze or silage early the next summer. Rye provides early growth, weed suppression, and yield. Peas and vetch provide high protein feed and nitrogen fixing.

  • Rye, winter pea, and hairy vetch blend
  • Winter hardy forage that holds water, soil, and nutrients
  • Dairy Queen Forage Blend regrows early in spring to hold soil, nutrients and prevent run off
  • Heavy yields of high quality forage for beef and dairy cattle
  • Early harvest allows for 2nd cropping of BMR Hybrid Sorghum
  • Often get more tonnage of high quality silage for less cost per acre while building soil health
  • Plant 50-80 lbs. per acre

  • Use in our Royal Rotation plan


Magda 4010 Forage Peas & Forage Oats

Our custom blend of 60% Magda 4010 peas and 40% oats will give you outstanding yield potentials. This forms a great forage and will make an outstanding hay or silage. Suggested cutting time is when peas are setting peas in the pods. Do not wait until the peas are fully set, as you will lose protein when they become brittle.
Plant 80-100 lbs. acre.

Crimson Clover & Forage Oats

Excellent yield and quality. Forage testing has indicated a higher yield and feed quality at a lower cost than oats/peas blend. Economical pre-mixed at 10% clover and 90% oats. Plant 60 lbs. per acre.