Hybrid Forage Sorghums, Cane, and Hybrid Pearl Millet

Rancher Elite

7ft. tall, a high leaf number with good stay green will make outstanding silage. With the high grain to stover ratio, your animals performance will be excellent in both the feedlot and dairy applications. The high protein content and total digestible dry matter make this perfect silage product 

  • Excellent silage product
  • Heavy grain content
  • Great stand ability 
  • 75-80 days to mid bloom
  • High leaf to stem ratio 

Ranch King BMR

  • High red grain content
  • Very good stand ability
  • Excellent feed value
  • Cadillac for silage production
  • Feedlot or dairy rations
  • Super RFV and digestibility

Bundle & Chop and Bundle & Chop BMR

  • Good tonnage
  • Sweet stalks
  • Silage
  • Hay
  • Winter pasture
  • Good drought tolerance

Waconia Cane

  • Good height and stand ability
  • Great winter pasture
  • Good quality hay and silage

Hygreen 2700 Hybrid Pearl Millet

  • Hay, haylage, silage, summer pasture
  • Safe for horses
  • High leaf to stem ratio 
  • High quality feed
  • Good drought tolerance