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DenBesten Brand Non-GMO Conventional Seed Corn and Soybeans

Save huge money on your seed costs with DenBesten Brand seed. Hand selected varieties that provide top notch performance on your farm!

Natty Oats are a new variety of white hulled oats.  This variety was released from South Dakota State University in 2015.  Natty oats are an early maturing variety that heads out about one day later than Shelby 427.  Natty is about 1 inch taller than Shelby 427 and has similar lodging resistance.  Natty is resistant to smut and moderately resistant to BYDV. 

Teff grass is a quick growing, warm season, annual grass.  Today, teff grass makes a great quality forage hay. Teff can be planted after a chance of a killing frost is gone, and once the soil temperature reaches at least 65 degrees.  Teff performs the strongest when it is broadcasted or drilled in to a very firm seed bed.  Teff is planted at 5-8 pounds per acre.  The seed should be planted at 1/8th to 1/4th inch.  Teff should not be planted any deeper than ½ inch, this may lead to poor emergence and yield loss.  Teff has been known to be a high yielding forage that grows the quickest during the warmest parts of the summer.  Growth will cease once a killing frost has hit.  Under optimal conditions, teff grass will be ready to cut around 45-50 days from planting.  Teff growth is known to have low inputs and can be made into a very versatile option for many farms. 

HyGain Grazer cover crop grazing blend is a custom blend from Dakota's Best Seed that contains a wide variety of cover crops that can be grazed all summer long.  The cover crop mixture can be planted from May on throughout the summer.  Call us for details and price!

Soil Builder MAX cover crop blend is a variety of cover crops that build nitrogen in your soil.  These cover crops help to manage compaction, and they also can help increase the organic matter in your soil!  Call us for more details and price!

Left:  A sample of our HyGain Grazer cover crop mix.  Right:  A sample of our Soil Builder MAX cover crop mix.


Dakota's Best Seed handles birdseed, feed oats, and many more feeds!

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