Total Feeds

Dakota's Best Seed is a local distributor of Total Equine, Total Canine, Total People Plus, Total Bull, and Total Deer!
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Total Equine Horse Food

Would you like your horse to have: 
Better coat?
Better joint health?
Better hoof health?
Better mental attitude?
Better muscle development?
Finally there is an answer! 

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Total Canine Dog Food

Total Canine(TM) is a complete, extruded dog food formulated to provide the essential nutrients for maximun health, growth and reproduction. The ingredients used in Total Canine(TM) are the highest qualiy and provide excellent bioavailability of nutrients to the animal. 

Total People Plus

Total People Plus can help you:


Provides key mineral nutrition for dieters, sportsmen, and active adults! 
For more information on this product please contact Lowell at 605-337-3318 or 605-680-4400

Total Bull 

Total Bull(TM) is a complete, extruded supplement for bucking bulls and all other bovine; formulated to provide the essential nutrients for maximum health, growth, muscle power, and reproduction. 

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Total Deer

Total Deerâ„¢ is a complete, extruded deer feed formulated to provide the essential nutrients for maximum health, growth and reproduction. The ingredients used in Total Deerâ„¢ are of the highest quality and provide excellent bioavailability of nutrients to the animal.

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